'Mutational Analysis of Genes Involved in DNA Repair in Barley'

   The aim of the project is to identify barley sequences homologous to characterized Arabidopsis genes involved in mechanisms of DNA replication and repair and to analyze identified barley sequences with TILLING strategy in order to isolate mutants carrying defects in these processes. The isolated mutants will be characterized in terms of altered DNA repair mechanisms and treatment effects after mutagenesis.

   A separate outcome of the project was to establish repository database of barley ESTs sharing similarity to known Arabidopsis genes and proteins involved in DNA replication and damage repair.

Expected outputs of the project include:
  • Establishing of repository sequence database including information on nucleotide and amino-acid sequences of identified genes responsible for DNA repair mechanisms derived from model and crop plant species
  • Isolation of barley coding sequences corresponding to various DNA-repair processes
  • Identification of new alleles within identified barley genes
  • Confirmation of gene functions through the analysis of the impact of identified new alleles on the efficiency of DNA repair mechanisms in isolated barley mutants.